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July 10, 2009 Leave a comment

My good friend Jeff told me about a truly amazing crowdsourcing project launched by UK newspaper, The Guardian.

I think this concept is brilliant – the newspaper has made 460,000 documents of expenses claimed by MP’s publicly available on their website. The goal here is to enlist the help of volunteer investigators (that’s you and me) to identify claims that might warrant a second look by the authorities or reporters.

Think about it. What would have taken hundreds, maybe thousands of work hours is being shared by an enthusiastic group of volunteers via a simple data sharing tool on

After visiting the site, here’s how the Guardian wants you to get involved:

Step 1: Find a document
Step 2: Decide what kind of thing it is and whether it’s interesting
Step 3: Copy out any individual entries
Step 4: Make any specific observations about why a claim deserves further scrutiny

Great example of how media can truly empower the people!



Click to investigate UK MPs

Click to investigate UK MP's