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To Do and To Read in 2009

February 17, 2009 Leave a comment

In December, I wrapped up a one helluva year. MBA – check. My New Year’s Eve event – sold out, and made front page news in the Mtl Gazette (


As you can imagine, I didn’t have much time to work on my blog which is why this page is pretty crappy thus far. But I’m working on it so stay tuned… I promise it will take shape to something interesting.


Many asked why I decided to do my MBA last year. My answer was simple: to learn more and invest in myself. Looking back it was the right move and above all else the program resulted in a better ‘me’. If you ask me, don’t do an MBA to make more money at work – to me this is short cited and the probability disappointing yourself is high (especially in this economy). Do an MBA to improve your brain, which needs stimulation from time to time right? Do it to grow your network and meet amazing people, who want to know you back. And finally, do an MBA as part of your commitment to continuously learn. Sounds cheezy but hey, it’s true.


And in the spirit of learning (and sharing), here is my personal “to-read” from my MBA… It leads off with my newest addition and next to-read; from fellow Montrealer Andy Nulman of Airborne Entertainment – where’s my free book Andy!?!?!




Nulman – POW! Right Between the Eyes! 

Jack Welch – Winning

Sun Tzu – Art of War

Machiavelli – The prince

The Tipping point – gladwell


And to read down the road…

Godin – Purple Cow

Collins – Good to Great

Weinberg / Pavlo Jr. – Stolen without a gun

Klein – No Logo

Lipkin – Keeper of the Flame

Clinton – Giving

Vollmer, Precourt – Always On

Petersen – Better Idea