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Life at the Speed of Google

February 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Super Bowl ads this year were “O-K”… with a few exceptions, most notably (in my humble opinion) was Google’s “Parisian Love”.

The spot does it all: showcases the product, demonstrates how the brand is cultural staple in our everyday lives and tells a great story. Bravo!

Click here for Time’s full list of this year’s BEST and WORST super bowl commercials.

Adidas Is Pop Culture in 60 seconds

March 6, 2009 1 comment

Take a moment (actually a 60 seconds) to watch this clip by Sid Lee. They’re the creative agency responsible for the multi platform campaign celebrating Adidas’ 60th birthday. Let me start by saying: WOW! My hair stood up and so did I (out of my chair, really – folks at my office think I’m crazy). But seriously, the challenge of capturing the cultural essence of a brand like Adidas is a big deal and I think SL has hit it a grand slam. For me, Adidas is one of those key pillars of pop culture and this video positions the brand as exactly that. The cameos, the music, the unapologetic attitude – it all hits home for me – as I’m sure it has for many.

Whatdyouthink? Home run or am I overly excited about just another branded music video? Also please holler back if you know the music track!

Have a great weekend!